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Traditional Representation

Our team of knowledgeable, professional and friendly Real Estate agents are readily available to assist you!

We are equipped to provide representation services for the following transactions:

  • - Residential home purchases

  • - Selling existing property

  • - Lot / land purchases

  • - Leasing / rentals

  • - Commercial (case by case basis)

Investment Planning & Management

Utilizing Real Estate as an investment vehicle can be rewarding with the right strategy and key team players. When choosing The LaQuinn Group as your Real Estate investment source, you are entering into a unique long-term relationship. It's a relationship that combines experience with a genuine concern to plan, protect and help fulfill your vision of the future.

Our promise is not to be everything to everyone; However, you can rest assured that you will receive quality professional advice as it relates to providing information, analysis and recommendations for your proposed Real Estate investment decisions.

If you are wondering whether or not you need a consultant, chances are you probably do. Deciding to solicit sound advice BEFORE making important decisions can save time, headaches and money.

Development Consulting

As development consultants, we help create, imagine, develop, control and orchestrate the process of your building development from start to finish. By providing consulting services regarding new construction, expansion or renovation projects, we help convert your vision into reality.

We manage a full range of projects, specializing in community changing initiatives such as: senior living facilities, mixed housing developments, community redevelopment projects and much more. 


Our team consists of experienced professionals in grant writing, business structuring, construction, engineering and design. The main phases of Real Estate development that we can assist with is: 

  • Funding

  • Strategic Planning

  • Building & Construction

  • ​Project Management

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